The Election Commission of Pakistan is succumbing to popular mode. Taking notice and opening courts at late night to release Shireen Mazari, de-seating those who voted against partly line in the No-confidence move and constantly restraining the government not to take action against agitating PTI leaders are a few examples of the populist trajectory.

Protection of the rights of the citizen and upholding the Constitution are basic responsibilities of the state and the PTI has the right to peaceful protest. But putting pressure on the very nascent collation government within days and months of its formation by PTI is unjustified. What about the rights of faceless millions whose rights are trampled on a daily basis? Why are apex courts not ensuring the right to education (Article 25-A), right to education, right to safe drinking water, right to health etc?

Furthermore, by protecting the rights of a few privileged PTI ilk, the rights of the poorest millions are endangered. Inflation and unemployment have been aggravated during PTI tenure which has broken the back of the lower class. In case of agitation, roadblocks and insatiability created by PTI through marches and sit-ins, the already fragile economy would be further battered.