Sustainable Development

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) released a report which stated that over 11,000 passengers commute through the Orange Line Metro Bus Service on a daily basis. The four years spent trying to transform this into a reality are proving to be fruitful and it seems that a reliable source of transport has finally been incorporated in the development scheme of major cities across the country. If anything, this should redirect our focus on expanding similar environmentally friendly and sustainable projects to other areas as well.

On a busy day, the Orange Line Metro Bus Service catered to 16,000 passengers and this number is expected to increase as more people become aware of the service. The fact that it reaches a number of destinations allows for people from all walks of life, spread out across the city of Islamabad, to use the metro bus as an alternative to private transportation. Outside of convenience and affordability, there are countless other merits of the bus. One major benefit is that it will reduce the city’s carbon footprint as, with more popularity, car usage is expected to decline substantially. This will not only improve the hopeless traffic situation but will ensure that the air quality improves marginally, if not immensely. The highly comprehensive route planning also speaks to the efficiency with which city planners have developed the service. Now, the next challenge is to expand this expertise to different parts of the country so that a more cohesive and long-lasting plan for development can be employed.

For now, the authorities have announced the launch of the Green and Blue Line services that are going to be operated from Bhara Kahu and Rawat so that access to the capital increases. Surely, there will be more lines that will be laid down in other areas. The reality is that our urbanisation model must change to include mass public transport like metro buses and it seems as though the authorities have come to this realisation themselves. With the rate at which cities are growing and expanding, this kind of transport development is the need of the hour.

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