Junejo Sahib: A reflection  

Mr. Muhammad Khan Junejo served for three years as the Prime Minister of Pakistan (1985-88). He was hand-picked by General Zia for this important post, and during his tenure, several significant achievements took place. One of these achievements was the signing of the Geneva Accords, which led to the complete withdrawal of the Soviet Union from Afghanistan. 

Additionally, an ambitious austerity program was implemented under his leadership, wherein the entire civil and military bureaucracy was required to use smaller, energy-efficient automobiles, eliminating larger vehicles with engines of 1800 CC and above.

Serving alongside towering army generals such as Zia, Akhtar Abdul Rahman, Mirza Aslam Beg, and Hameed Gul, Mr. Junejo deserves credit, or at least partial credit, for the lifting of General Zia’s martial law in 1985.

After leaving his post in May 1988, he retired to his lands in Sindhri and perhaps never complained to anyone about his dismissal. As an ex-PM, he neither went to jail nor did he, his supporters, or his sympathizers confront the state or any of its institutions.

Therefore, those who aspire to achieve the coveted position of Prime Minister should pause and reflect upon the soft-spoken personality, stature, and achievements of Junejo Sahib (may ALLAH S.W.T. bless his soul with eternal peace).



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