Spirituality and personal development  

“Come to success” are words we hear when we are called to our prayers. However, when we hear the word “spiritual,” we often associate it with someone who is detached from the world. Unfortunately, many of us do not deeply contemplate the principles of our religion, in my opinion. Nevertheless, I will attempt to elucidate how the principles of Islam correlate with success in various aspects of our worldly lives.

Many CEOs, entrepreneurs, and successful individuals follow a healthy routine. Our five mandatory prayers begin with Fajr, starting our day with the remembrance of Allah, which rejuvenates us throughout the day.

“Ask and you shall receive”: Those familiar with modern spiritual “philosophies” may have heard of the famous “Law of Attraction.” It suggests that the thoughts we hold in our minds eventually manifest in our actual lives. It further explains that if one “asks the Universe with faith,” their desires will be fulfilled.

Generosity: When we observe the principles of developed countries today, we can see how they care for orphans, widows, the elderly, and animals. In our religion, it is not only prescribed to give a fixed rate (Zakat) from our earnings but also highly commendable to be generous in general.

Moral Courage: In workplaces, universities, and even on a national level, we witness injustice. Our religion, as I see it, encourages us to raise our voice against tyranny and cruelty. This is also a lesson from the tragedy of Karbala. Thus, courage is a quality cherished by our religion.

Reminder of Death: Our Holy Book constantly reminds us of the greatest reality of life: death. It also discusses the consequences of our actions. Kings, warriors, scholars, saints, and sinners alike must face it. This belief humbles us and makes us more accountable for our actions, as we will be answerable in the next life for everything we do in this life.



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