ISLAMABAD-Citizens on Sunday from all walks of life including traders from various cities of the country have asked Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf to focus on public related issues instead of holding so called long march which will disturb the country and its business community.

Talking to PTV news channel, a shopkeeper of garment in Peshawar city said that the long-march or protests in Islamabad would affect and harm the financial system and the Opposition party should focus on public related issues and use legal forum to resolving the issues. Another trader in Lahore said that protesters should consider the problems of the traders and find some other ways to get their demands fulfilled. A market trader of Islamabad said traders were suffering because they were not getting supplies due to security issues, adding, the business activities always badly affected due to long march and sit-ins in Islamabad. “The long march will again paralyze the life in Islamabad”, a citizen of Islamabad regretted. A trader of Islamabad also demanded the government for immediate removal of containers from the roads which is hindering for the smooth movement of motorists. A citizen of Peshawar commented on the issue that the people had already rejected the agitation based politics of Imran Khan as his government failed to address the masses problems in the last four years. “Sit-ins and long march will have an adverse impact on export and business in the country,” said a citizen of Lahore.

The citizens demanded the leaders of all political parties to take effective steps for restoration of peace, resumption of business activities and protection of the investors in the country and focus on public issues.