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Dignosco discusses global education trends

LAHORE - Dignosco organised a meet-up yesterday for all the leading journalists and bloggers to have general discussion on global educational trends and prevalent issues in the Pakistani educational sector.
Dignosco has taken an initiative to provide counselling to students, professionals and parents for admissions in higher and secondary education institutions spread across North America, Europe, Middle East, Central Asia, South East Asia, and Pakistan. The company also extends its services to students who are unable to afford higher education abroad.
Addressing the participants on Wednesday, the Dignosco team said that every year many scholarships and admission opportunities are left untapped because of the absence of student counselling in Pakistani educational institutions.
Talking about private schools, the team quoted, “Private schools are generating huge amounts of money by claiming to provide value added services to their students but realities are much different. It is sad that some of the top tier schools of the country lack a basic counselling system.”
They further commented that due to inadequate counselling system in most educational institutions, the number of students going to colleges abroad is far less than it should be.
The team concluded the session by saying that the government and schools should focus on such issues and promote the young rising talent in Pakistan by providing expert counselling to students for the progress and prosperity of the country.

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