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Integrated digital health web portal launched

LAHORE: It is no secret that Pakistanis are undergoing testing times with the ongoing healthcare crisis.

With the burden on healthcare service delivery and the doctor-to-patient ratio being 1 doctor for 1,127 patients, AugmentCare has stepped in to revolutionise healthcare provision in Pakistan.

AugmentCare is an integrated digital health platform made for Pakistan. Imagine a hospital. Now imagine those services being brought to a patient’s doorstep with the power of internet. AugmentCare integrates various stages of a hospital healthcare service on a web portal including scheduling appointments, consulting doctor in-person or through a live video call, asking for medical advice and getting prescribed medications. This makes patient’s entire journey easier and hassle free.

“At AugmentCare, we believe in innovation, a kind of innovation, which transforms reality into a virtual hyper connected reality, only making the reality so much sweeter. Being research and data driven, design-led and human-focused helped us uncover this comprehensive platform for the entire healthcare ecosystem,” said Ahmed Shuja, one of the founders of AugmentCare.

Hyder Mumtaz, co-founder of AugmentCare, added, “There is a huge gap in the delivery of healthcare in Pakistan. We want to make it easier for patients and doctors to connect with each other and this drive has led us to develop our all-inclusive platform. With AugmentCare, we hope to transform the way healthcare is perceived and break the barriers of time and distance when it comes to giving and receiving care.”

With this vision in mind, AugmentCare has entered the Pakistani market to empower doctors and help ensure quality patient care through the following features:

1) Telehealth: Approach doctors around the clock via video consultation from the comfort of a patient’s home.

2) Choose a Doctor: Detailed doctor-directory that shows a list of specialists that patients can choose from.

3) Appointment/Medication reminders: Patients will be notified about their upcoming appointments and also when their medications run out via e-mail.

4) Patient profile and digitised medical record: A complete electronic medical record with control over who views patient’s records (doctors, family members, others).

5) Live chat: This feature will enable the patients to consult their doctors for quick medicine advice.

6) Patient education: Health Care professionals can impart information and health tips that could potentially help patients with lifestyle changes.

7) Peer-to-Peer learning tool: Doctors can now be part of an online community where they can share medical insights and troubleshoot common health issues.

AugmentCare is ready to leave its mark by connecting patients, doctors and care facilities with their comprehensive solutions for preventative, diagnostic and care facilitation in Pakistan. –PRESS RELEASE


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