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NA asks world to take notice of Rohingya genocide

| MPs call for debate at OIC | Nisar slams govt for not condemning recent US drone strike

ISLAMABAD - The National Assembly in Wednesday’s sitting adopted a resolution against atrocities on ‘Rohingya Muslims’, calling upon the international community especially the Human Rights Council to force Myanmar government for ensuring protection of Muslim rights.

The resolution moved by Minister for Law Zahid Hamid strongly condemned violence and grave human rights violations against ‘Rohingya Muslims’ of Myanmar.

It called upon the Human Rights Council to investigate the incidents of human rights violations against Rohingya Muslims and hold perpetrators of violence accountable.

Deploring the systematic and organised destruction of villages and homes of Rohingya Muslims, it reaffirmed the Pakistan’s unwavering support to them for realisation of their civil, political, social, economic and cultural rights.

It lauded the courage of Rohingya Muslims in the face of severe adversity and conveyed deepest sympathy and condolence to the victims of these brutalities. It underscored the need to resolve and address the underlying causes in Rakhine state, which has led to the incidents of violence and discrimination.

The resolution recognised the importance of bringing Rohingya Muslims in the mainstream through effective political and socio-economic measures. It urged the international community to provide humanitarian assistance to Rohingya Muslims.

The lawmakers from both sides of aisle were in agreement to set up a special fund for assistance of Rohingya Muslims. The MNAs also called for a debate on the issue at the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC).

PML-N senior lawmaker Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan asked the government to take practical steps for raising the issue of Rohingya Muslims on all platforms, as mere adopting a resolution would not serve the purpose.

“The incumbent government should call a special meeting of OIC on one-point agenda about Rohingya Muslims,” said Nisar.

Nisar suggested the government to open a special fund for the assistance of Muslims of Rohingya. “Start from parliamentarians to donate salaries for them,” he said, asking the government to form a parliamentary committee to visit the area. He also asked the National Assembly Speaker to write a letter to the speakers of Muslim countries, International Parliamentary Union (IPC) about the atrocities on Rohingya Muslims.

Nisar criticised the foreign office for its reaction over recent drone strike, adding Pakistan has a clear policy over drone strikes as these are against the sovereignty and integrity of the country. He expressed surprise over not issuing even a routine condemnation on the recent drone strike. “It is surprising that Pakistan did not even issue a condemnatory statement against the US drone attack in ‘Kurram Agency’ on September 15,” he said, mentioning that there was a need to express ‘displeasure’ over it.

He further said that prime minister met with the US ambassador on the day of the drone attack and it was surprising to see that he did not issue a statement against it. “If PM Shahid Khaqan Abbasi was in the house today, I would have raised this issue,” he added.

Nisar strongly criticised foreign office over the recent BRICS resolution. “What are our ambassadors for...There is a need for explanation over it, as we were totally taken by surprise,” he said, suggesting proper accountability on it. 

He said this was not a sudden event. India was making preparation for it for a long time but Pakistan’s Foreign Office was sleeping.

About Jeremy Corbyn’s remarks in favour of Pakistan, Nisar lauded the UK Labour Party Chief Jeremy Corbyn for his recent remarks in favour of Pakistan. “His remarks should be acknowledged with thanks,” he said.

“A policy of respect, not criticism, should be followed when it comes to Pakistan,” said the United Kingdom’s Labour Party chief Jeremy Corbyn in his recent interview, mentioning that Pakistan must be treated with respect, and all countries should avoid criticising it.

Taking part in discussion, PPP’s Fehmida Mirza also endorsed the point raised by Ch Nisar. She said there should have been a strong reaction over drone strike in Pakistani area. “Foreign office needs to play a proactive role in this connection,” said former speaker National Assembly.

PTI’s Asad Umar said that there was a need to revisit the resolution passed in the house. “It was incomplete resolution as we also need to say something to our government,” he said, asking Bangladesh Prime Minister Haseena Wajid to show grace and host the Rohingya Muslims in her country.

Minister for Postal Services Ameer Zaman, criticising the Muslim countries, offered the chair to cut his one month salary to send bangles for the leaders of these countries for showing apathy towards the plight of Rohingya Muslims. “OIC is a redundant body and it has become an ICU now,” he added. Other lawmakers also strongly condemned the atrocities against the Rohingya Muslims.

Minister for States and Frontier Regions Abdul Qadir Baloch, responding to a call-attention about free Balochistan posters in Geneva, said Pakistan had registered a protest with Swiss authorities in this connection.  

“There is no doubt that our enemies will have funded this massive campaign,” he said mentioning clear proofs of India for supporting separatist elements in Balochistan.

Hamid further said that under the UN Charter, separatist and terrorist outfits such as Balochistan Liberation Army cannot carry out any activity on foreign land against the sovereignty and territorial integrity of other country.

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