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Mehndi artists offering home services ahead of Eid

ISLAMABAD- The current pandemic situation has turned beauty consumers to shift to digital platforms and brands needed to boost their digital strategies by connecting with effective ways to reach out to their targeted audience to continue selling business. As Eid festivities are getting momentum, many home-based professional mehndi artists due to Covid lockdown were offering discount rate to their consumers and taking advance booking through social media platforms thus attracting clients. A number of beauty salons and henna experts across the country are active online due to lockdown guiding their followers on how to keep up with mehndi and beauty regimes at home. 
According to beauty salon experts, their salons were shut in the wake of the outbreak because it was feared that the physical interaction could be highly risky as it can cause spread of the coronavirus. 
However, beauty customers are changing their daily habits and routines, gravitating towards products that allow them to lead the salon and mehndi experience at home to protect them from the deadly virus. “Women are scared due to rising cases of Covid-19. Some girls are taking the utmost precautions and visiting our online platforms where we are offering discount rate services,” a female mehndi artist said.  “We are also taking all precautions before visiting any house,” she added.
Henna enhances the beauty of women and is applied at special occasions such as engagements, weddings and during Eid but this year due to Covid-19 3rd wave, we are offering home-based services for customers,” said another beauty salon owner.
The trend of online women henna experts is increasing during Eid celebrations as they offered online services and products for their needy consumers before Eid till chand raat to attract females, said a citizen.
Various online platforms have been offering their online mehndi design as they are in great demand among girls who want to master the art of henna (mehndi) application, said another women.
A mehndi expert said that many clients are spending a lot of time on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube downloading videos.

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