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Separate criminal justice system for children demanded

LAHORE     -   Legal Awareness Watch Pakistan (LAW) with the support Juvenile Justice Com­mittee of Lahore Bar Association had conducted a media briefing in Lahore the other day having members of the civil so­ciety, child rights defenders, and media personnel were among the audience and told that Juvenile Justice System Act was promulgated in May 2018 in Pakistan to fulfill its international duties rising un­der the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children and General Comments No. 24 to provide separate criminal justice for children who said to have infringed any penal law offering a scheme of reha­bilitation to give them a second chance to become responsible individuals.

While addressing the media person­nel and people from all walks of lives Sarmad Ali Advocate (Director LAW) said that children across Pakistan should not be housed in police stations as well as in ordinary prisons regulated under Pakistan Prison Rules 1978 in­stead, they be housed in observation homes during the investigation period not more than 14-day and rehabilita­tion centers under the law to restore it to normal life as it was before the inci­dence of breach of social harmony

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