Huge market exists in China for Pakistani pine nuts

ISLAMABAD-A large market exists in China for Pakistani dried fruits. China is also one of the biggest buyers of pine nuts from Pakistan. Talking to WealthPK, Dr Nurullah, Senior Scientific Officer at the National Agriculture Research Centre (NARC), said Pakistan is an incredibly fortunate country with a wide range of abilities in every genre. It is especially true for dry fruits. Pakistan produces a lot of different types of dried fruits, and it also exports a lot of them.
“Pakistan can generate a huge amount of income if it focuses on pine nuts production on a larger level. They are grown in areas like Waziristan, Zhob, and Chillas. The tree is hard and tall and can endure excessive drought, high winds, and severe cold in winter. The harvesting of pine trees takes place in September or October. Nearly 20% of the Pakistani forests are comprised of chilgoza trees,” he said. “In terms of market share, Pakistani pine nuts enjoy a huge amount of popularity in China,” he added. The amount of Pakistani pine nuts exported to China from January to September this year has reached a record high figure of $47.691 million, according to the official data published by the General Administration of Customs of the People’s Republic of China (GACC).
Dr Nurullah mentioned that more than 42% of China’s imports come from Pakistan, making Pakistan the second largest exporter of pine nuts to the neighbouring country. According to the GACC, in the first nine months of 2022, China imported 4,290.642 tons of pine nuts from Pakistan, which are worth nearly $48 million. At the same time, China imported 15,253.90 tons of pine nuts from all over the world, worth roughly $112.98 million during the same period. According to WealthPK research, China has become the main market of Pakistani pine nuts in the last few years, which is why local growers are pleased that they can make a good profit from the neighbouring country. Since the Chinese government has played a crucial role in having flexible trade policies with Pakistan, Pakistan has been able to export pine nuts in huge quantities to China even during the pandemic. In the second phase of the China-Pakistan Free Trade Agreement, Pakistani pine nuts don’t have any tariffs on their export to China, so we can sell them at a competitive price. This year’s prices may be raised as a result of the floods and fire that destroyed thousands of pine trees, which might result in a shortage of pine nuts. To earn a big income, the government should focus on promoting the production of this fruit, where it can be grown easily. Also, we lack good storage facilities, as dried fruits are not perishable, thus they can be stored for a long time.

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