LoC tension brings govt, Opp on same page

PTI govt needs to capitalise on unprecedented unity among parties and accomplish much-awaited legislative business

ISLAMABAD - The Indo-Pak tension, which has imperilled the regional peace at stake, but this heightening tension between the two nuclear power states converged the ruling Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaaf-led coalition government and opposition parties at one page and setting aside their political differences firmed up behind the armed forces against any aggression from across the border.

Now with the tension between India and Pakistan was on decline and saner elements on both sides were prevailing, the ruling PTI needed to capitalise on the unprecedented unity among the political parties to move forward and accomplish the much-awaited legislative business for the collective good of the country.

Doves in ruling PTI wanted to take along the opposition parties for addressing some major issues confronting the nation and require the national unity.

Parliamentary sources informed The Nation that since the installation of PTI government the treasury and opposition benches were at daggers drawn and due to which National Assembly had wasted much time and even constitution of the house standing committees consumed several months due to which the much needed legislative business could not be done.

These sources said that now taking advantage of the situation, the government must accomplish the task of giving NFC award vital for setting the economic targets for the country.

Similarly, both government and opposition parties wanted to bring changes in the existing accountability laws but due to the differences between the treasury and opposition benches a way forward could not be carved out whereas consensus exists among all the stakeholders that the existing NAB laws needed spruce up.

The first breach of Pakistani airspace by the Indian jets was taken with anger by all and sundry in the country and on the very next day the opposition parties took the lead in extending support to the government on the issue and made it clear that they would not do politics on the issue and extended unconditional and unequivocal support to the armed forces of the country and the incumbent government.

On the suggestion rather demand of the opposition parties, the government had summoned the joint sitting of the Parliament and ahead of the joint sitting arranged an in-camera briefing to the parliamentary heads by the civil and military leadership.

The treasury benches also accepted the opposition parties suggestion that government would boycott the OIC summit in Jeddah where in the inaugural session Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj had attended as guest of honour.

Political analysts were of the view that now it was up to PTI government that how they would handle this gesture of cooperation and amity for the collective good of the country and hoped that they would utilise it for doing legislation and facilitation of masses.

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