Law Minister launches Urdu translation of federal laws online

Caretaker Minister for Law and Justice Ahmad Irfan Aslam has launched Urdu translation of federal laws for the general public to be available on the website and mobile Apps of the ministry.

The purpose of this initiative is to provide easy access to the general public in Urdu.  So far, most frequently viewed Laws have been uploaded on the said website.

Besides, the ministry is developing a digital archiving system to save documents. This system will have features such as version control, an intelligent search system and user logs.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Law and Justice has developed a Library Management Information System which is a web-based off-the-shelf system, developed internally by the project team accessible link

All employees of the Federal Government can access the books and after having membership the books can be issued.

Currently, 9679 books are digitally catalogued on the system.  

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt