Rain has furnished many benefits in the agriculture sector. However, rain can be disastrous in those sectors which do not have powerful constructions to insulate themselves.

Sindh Monsoon-22 has caused damage to many areas due to unsuitable drainage systems. Sukkur, Khairpur, Ghotki, small villages, and some other cities have encountered a lot during the Monsoon period, where people have no food, no protection, no income, and no houses to survive, even though they require lots of time to overwhelm from such ailments.

No doubt, universities, affluent people, and others may support each other, and they are still endorsed by transferring some money via Jazz Cash, Easypaisa, bank accounts, or other convenient sites. Money does not have much significance due to the shutdown of shops or banks in a heavy downpour. Moreover, the Government of Sindh also enables the people in the form of allotting a good amount to the DC of cities, Is that amount used to confound the cracks in cities?

As we know, people make houses, houses don’t make people; it’s time to alleviate each other to relieve the hindrance, let us proceed with a small step to help the poverty sector. The government should demonstrate the use of higher amounts at the right places for deserving areas and also concentrate to assemble a robust drainage system to assure the future of Sindh from such constraints.