Democratic setup requires a strong, free from prejudice and impartial judiciary system to ensure implementation of the Constitution of the country.

In a country like Pakistan, the role of the judiciary even soars to the zenith to tackle the adversities most of them drawn by political elites, declare rulings free from external pressure, and assurance of swift justice based on modern tools and techniques.

Moreover, the role of the judiciary doesn’t limit to social or political affairs but widens its dealings with economic affairs as well. Undoubtedly, sustainable growth and confidence of economic stakeholders and prospects lie in the emergence of a vibrant judicial system because a fair and free judicial system is a beacon of hope for common people, and for those who bring a huge sum of money to the country for investment purpose.

Nonetheless, corrective measures are being taken on an intermittent basis by the apex court, financial contracts worth millions and billions which may benefit Pakistan as a whole yet see stay orders, delays in proceedings, and so on. This undermines the confidence and faith of the business community and prevents them from infusing more money in the market, and economic potential at par remains isolated from utilisation.

Hence, the prosperity of our country is allied with an independent and vigorous judicial system, whereas far-reaching consequences of the vulnerable, partial and controversial judicial system or proceedings would wreck the entire structure of the country. Be it social or moral. Be it legal or economic.