An extradition decision  

Mr Julian Assange is an Australian activist, an editor and the founder of Wikileaks. He was arrested due to the publishing of some secrets of many countries on 11 April 2019. Now the question arises that what are these secrets Wikileaks published. In July 2010, Wikileaks released more than 19,00 documents. These documents are secrets of US military reports about the war in Afghanistan. In October of the same year, it also released another 14,000 classified military files report of war in Iraq from 2004 to 2009. Now Assage is in UK prison, but a US Court is appealing to the UK that he should be extradited to the US. The US wants to punish him and forbid him that he should not publish any other secrets of the US.

Furthermore, the US also wants to take revenge against him for the thousands of publications of US military reports which he released in 2010 and 2011. Last week of this month UK Court accepts the US appeal but UK Court said that Mr Asaage is facing health problems. So, an earlier request was rejected due to the risk of suicide. It is very heartbreaking news for Asaage’s family and friends. One of his family members says that in UK prison he is safe and alive but in the US, safety is impossible. It is not only a big challenge for the Wikileaks founder, it is a very big loss for all media networks.

Moreover, the case is pending yet. On the 13th of December 2021, UK Judge Holroyde ordered that case should be sent back to Westminster Magistrates Priti Patel to make the final decision on whether to extradite him or not. Thus, if something goes wrong with his case, he could be sent back to the US.



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