Hub dam

Hub Dam is located at Hub River and between the border of Sindh and Balochistan. It is one of the biggest dams in Pakistan. It extended to 24300 acres with a gross storage capacity of 857000 acre-feet. The construction of the dam started in 1963 and was completed in1980. It is the most crucial dam both for Balochistan and Karachi because this is the only source of clean water.

However, before the first monsoon rain, it was full of water somehow but when the second time rain started water crossed over the dam slowly and further due to the third monsoon rain, and the water increased more and more.

When the 3rd layer of monsoon rain hit the Hub Choki fiercely, the dam area people were warned that they must have left their houses and soon the area was evacuated. Due to the constant increase of rain, the waterways of the dam were opened as a result long-term flow of water, two main bridges were damaged in the Hub Choki. On the account of the destruction of bridges, for many days the main road was blocked. Dwellers of Hub Choki are worried about the dam because if this time will be damaged, it destroys the whole Hub choke. Apart from this, both Karachi and Hub will face scarcity of water for a decade.

Thus, this dam needs special surprises from time to time. Therefore, it is requested to concerned authorities take positive action to save this dam from destruction.


Hub Choki.

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