Number of pending applications for new gas connections surpasses 3.25m

ISLAMABAD   -  The number of pending applications for new gas connections has surpassed the staggering 3.25 million mark, as it has been once again decided to maintain moratorium on indigenous gas connections, however, the caretaker government has allowed the provision of 15000 new LNG based connections to housing societies.

Currently, 3.25 million applications are pending with both the Sui gas companies, with the Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited with 3 million pending applications, and Sui Southern Gas Company Limited (SSGCL) with 250000 pending requests for the new gas connections, said an official of the Ministry here. He said that the pending applications of the Sui companies are equivalent to the consumption of over 750mmcfd of gas. To serve such a big number of new connections, there is a need of one separate LNG terminal, he explained.

On new gas connection, the official further informed that SNGPL has been allowed to give new imported LNG based gas connections to housing societies only. Around 15000 new connections will be provided to around 300-400 private societies, he added. He said that currently 10000 LNG based consumers are being served in the SNGPL franchise areas.

Interestingly, during the PTI government, the cabinet had imposed ban on new gas connections in 2021. However, the Petroleum Division had assumed that the ban on new connections was also applying to LNG based new connections. For almost three years no one from the Petroleum Division tried to approach the federal cabinet for clarity of the decision, and resorted to self imposed ban on LNG connections. However, recently after the intervention Special Investment Facilitation Council (SIFC), the Petroleum Division has explored that the ban was only for the supplying indigenous gas based connections and there was no moratorium on LNG based gas connections.

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