The ongoing wave of unrelenting rain has engulfed the entire country and left people in a state of irreparable loss, collateral damage, and casualties. With no end in sight and the prediction of yet another spell of moderate to heavy rain, it has sent a tide of shock and fear to vulnerable people, in particular those residing in remote and resource-deprived areas. They are the ones who have already suffered the most and are more prone to suffering as they hail from low-income backgrounds and impoverished areas that are usually devoid of basic facilities, infrastructure, and even adequate assistance from the government and NGOs. For them, the unabating rain, which is prevailing across the country, is an albatross around their neck. This downtrodden segment is heavily reliant on lifeline income and sustenance from agriculture. With torrential rains, their seasonal crops have been ruined, leaving no hope for them to garner any grains for provision or income by selling additional crops.
Things have gotten worse for daily wagers and labourers who are unable to earn even a penny due to the suspension of businesses and other commercial activities. What adds to their misery is the hoarding and price-hiking of daily essentials, which have gone out of reach for these distressed people. Wheat flour, a very essential item of daily use, has seen a big leap in price. Currently, it’s being sold above a hundred per a kilogram, prompting one to think, can an ordinary wage earner really afford to buy it at this hefty price when they are earning no money? In these grim times, these destitute people are isolated and helpless with a heavy heart, a growling stomach, and eyes crying tears of blood. This piece has no other intent but to take up the current prevailing condition of rain, which has become more of a bane than a boon, and the destruction it has precipitated. It’s implored and urged to the government that, for heaven’s sake, put your politics aside for a while and work on relieving these people in agony. Facilitating steps must be taken in a bid to assuage the torments of these sufferers. Turning a blind eye to them will only exacerbate their precarious situation. May their prayers be answered and they be granted relief. Ameen MUHAMMAD KASHIF, Naushahro Feroze.