KARACHI The Executive Director of International Justice Network (IJN) has rejected the appeal filed by the US lawyers, already refused by Dr. Aafia Siddique, against her sentence of 86-year imprisonment. Tina Faster, Executive Director IJN, in a press conference here on Sunday told newspersons that Dr Aafia had already rejected the advocacy of those lawyers. The said act is an open violation of human rights, she said in joint press conference held in Karachi Press Club with Dr. Fozia Siddique. Dr. Fozia suggested her friend lawyers name Farha Ahmed as lawyer of Dr Aafia while rejected the proceedings by US lawyers. She said that the Pakistan has good relationship with America therefore authorities should take up the issue seriously and get her released through an executive order. She said that the American President has constitutional powers, which he can use if the Pakistani government take up the issue seriously. She pointed out that the there wasnt any terrorism charges against Dr. Aafia therefore such a long sentence of 86 years is completely injustice. She explained that Dr. Aafia did not reject her right of appeal, she only refused her lawyers because of some grievances while seeking justice for her children. She added that the court trial of Aafia was inaccurate and American judicial system proved biasness. She also said that Aafia kept in the small cell of Carswel, Texas prison, where authorities restricted her meeting with anybody even with her lawyers which is the violation of prison laws.