Pakistan Day

Pakistan celebrates its 75th Republic Day today, on March 23. It will be the 85th anniversary of the Lahore Resolution, wherein the historical resolution that cemented the formation of a Muslim-majority nation-state in South Asia was adopted. As expected, Pakistan will celebrate this Republic Day with much pomp and circumstance; with the skies in different cities being lit with the colours of freedom and celebration, thanks to the Pakistan Air Force with its many fly demonstrations and annual military parade.
Pakistan has seen several challenges and struggles in its turbulent history. However, this day has always been celebrated with zeal and sentiment, especially more so now that we have seen the importance of sovereignty. Growing fascism in India, facilitated by its right-wing government, demonstrates to us the importance of the Lahore Resolution, which stood for an end to religious discrimination, for freedom and inclusivity for the Muslims of the subcontinent; these causes which have been endangered more than ever in modern India and are only an affirmation of the struggle of our forefathers over seven decades ago.
The day also comes at a time when Pakistan’s politics are more divisive than ever. Political leaders, from all sides of the bench, should remember that Republic Day is celebrated not just in commemoration of the Lahore Resolution, but also marks the adoption of the first Constitution of Pakistan. It is hoped then that political mudslinging will be set aside for one day, and the sanctity of the day, with its message for love for nation, unity and freedom being emphasised.
The day however comes marked with a tragedy this year. One day before Republic Day, renowned Pakistani author and academic Sara Suleri Goodyear has passed away. She had published internationally acclaimed books and literature featuring Pakistan and was the daughter of Z.A. Suleri, a Pakistani political journalist, conservative writer, author, and a key Pakistan Movement activist. While commemorating Republic Day, it is hoped that our politicians also pay tribute to the activists, artists, inventors and leaders who have contributed to making Pakistan what it is, before and after independence.

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