Hoti resigns after defeat as PTI-backed independents sweep electoral seats

MARDAN  -  The Awami National Party (ANP) Cen­tral Senior Vice President, Ameer Haid­er Hoti, conceded defeat in the Mar­dan district elections on Friday. He announced his resignation, citing the poor performance of his party in both his constituency and across Mardan. In a social media post on his alternate ac­count, Hoti took responsibility for the party’s defeat in the 2024 elections, ex­pressing heartbreak over the lack of trust from the people.

As a gesture of accountability, Haid­er Hoti resigned from the central sen­ior vice presidency of ANP, pledging to remain a humble member and contin­ue following Bacha Khan, the party’s founder. He expressed gratitude to his supporters and dedicated workers.

Ameer Haider Khan Hoti, the neph­ew of ANP President Asfandyar Wali Khan, served as the youngest and long­est-serving democratically elected Chief Minister of Khyber Pakhtunkh­wa from 2008 to 2013. Despite his pre­vious victories in various elections, he faced defeat in the 2024 general elec­tion, losing to PTI’s Atif Khan in NA-22-Mardan-2 and independent candidate Abdus Salam Afridi in PK-57-Mardan-5.

The 2024 elections in Mardan dis­trict saw a clean sweep by PTI-sup­ported independents, with notable victories by Ali Mohammad, Mujahid Khan, Iftikhar Ali Mashwani, Tufail An­jam, Abdus Salam Afridi, Amir Farzand Khan, and Zahir Shah. Newcomers Iht­isham Ali, Tariq Mahmood Advocate, and Zar Shahad also secured their first-time wins in the PK elections.

This electoral setback marked a significant turning point for ANP in Mardan, prompting Haider Hoti’s resignation in acknowledgement of the party’s performance issues.

SWABI: Pakistan Tehreek-i-Insaf (PTI) clinches all seven seats in the na­tional and provincial assembly from Swabi district. PTI candidates, running independently, emphasize voting for Imran Khan amid claims of false charg­es against him.

In NA-19, Swabi-1, Asad Qaiser se­cures victory with 115,635 votes, leav­ing JUI-F’s Maulana Ali behind with 45,567 votes. In NA-20, Swabi-II, Shah­ram Tarakai dominates with 122,965 votes, defeating ANP’s Waris Khan who trails with 47,536 votes.

PTI’s Rangaiz Khan triumphs in PK-49 with 36,692 votes, while JUI-F’s Ghafoor Khan Jadoon follows with 15,312 votes. Aqibullah Khan, Asad Qaiser’s brother, secures victory in PK-50 Swabi-II with 40,870 votes, surpassing PML-N’s Babar Khan with 21,089 votes.

In PK-51 Swabi-III, PTI’s Abdul Ka­reem wins with 39,653 votes, leaving PML-N’s Nawabzada as the runner-up with 17,898 votes. Independent candi­date Faisal Khan Tarrskai, supported by PTI, secured victory in PK-52 with 42,269 votes, defeating ANP’s Tausif Ijaz with 23,317 votes. Lastly, Murtaza Khan Tarakai emerges victorious in PK-53 with 40,825 votes, with ANP’s Za­hid Khan as the runner-up with 30,662 votes.

MOHMAND: The official and final re­sults for successful candidates in NA-26 Mohmand, PK-67, and PK-68 in the Mohmand district have been released. Malik Mehboob Sher emerged as the winner on PK-67, while Muhammad Israr claimed victory on PK-68. In NA-26, independent candidate and for­mer PTI MNA Sajid Khan secured a substantial lead.

The final and official results for the general elections 2024 in Mohmand district, like other parts of the coun­try, were also disclosed. In PK-67, Awami National Party’s candidate, former MPA Nisar Ahmed, secured the second position with 7413 votes, and Jamiat Ulama-e-Islam’s former Sena­tor Hafiz Rasheed Ahmed stood third with 7024 votes.

On PK-68 Mohmand-II, independ­ent candidate Dr. Israr Safi secured the first position with 20690 votes, fol­lowed by Mufti Hanif-ul-Zaman of JUI-F with 12156 votes. Independent candi­date and former MNA Malik Bilal Re­hman stood third with 11542 votes in the same constituency.

During the elections, PK-68 wit­nessed a turnout of 24.41%, while PK-67 had a turnout of 31.95%. Independ­ent candidate and former PTI MNA Sajid Khan, securing 41489 votes, was elected for the second consecutive term on the seat of district Mohmand NA-26, with a lead of 20 thousand votes.

The election office mentioned that the official announcement of the suc­cessful candidate would be made after receiving the results of the last polling station. Notably, the three elected can­didates were affiliated with PTI earli­er, and the elections were conducted peacefully and transparently.

The elected candidates expressed gratitude to the Election Commission of Pakistan, district administration, security forces, and their workers for organizing the election process in a peaceful and commendable manner.

KHYBER: In a significant electoral development, independent candidates supported by the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) have clinched victory in one National Assembly seat (NA-27) and three Provincial Assembly seats (PK-69, PK-70, PK-71). According to the un­official results released by the district Returning Officer, Iqbal Afridi, backed by PTI, secured a landslide victory in NA-27 by garnering 85,514 votes. His closest rival, Shah Jee Gul Afridi of the Pakistan Muslim League (PML-N), trailed with 18,832 votes.

In PK-69, independent candidate Mu­hammad Adnan Qadri emerged victo­rious with 25,596 votes, leaving Shafiq Sher Afridi of PML-N as the runner-up with 10,095 votes. Similarly, in PK-71, Sohail Afridi, another independent candidate, secured 31,649 votes, sur­passing Bilawal Afridi of PML-N who received 7,401 votes.

The electoral landscape in PK-71 wit­nessed Abdul Ghani’s triumph with 15,061 votes, while Khan Wali of Ja­maat-e-Islami secured the second posi­tion with 7,903 votes. The overall voter turnout in the district Khyber reached 638,743, comprising 349,121 male and 289,623 female registered voters.

These election results signify a no­table shift in political dynamics, high­lighting the growing influence of inde­pendent candidates aligned with PTI in the region. The outcomes also un­derscore the diverse political choices made by voters across different con­stituencies.

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