Youth driving electoral change

Youth-led initiatives for elector­al reforms play a crucial role in advocating positive changes in the electoral process. These move­ments often demand fair, trans­parent, and accountable systems to prevent fraudulent activities and ensure equal voting rights. Many youth-led initiatives focus on educating young voters about their rights, the importance of vot­ing, and navigating the electoral system to increase voter turnout and engagement.

They employ innovative strate­gies, including social media cam­paigns, grassroots organising, and community engagement, to reach a wider audience and mobilise sup­port for electoral reforms. Notable examples of such initiatives include the “Youth Initiative for Elector­al Reforms” in Nigeria, advocat­ing for electoral transparency, and the “Youth Vote Philippines” move­ment aiming to increase youth vot­er turnout through education and engagement efforts. These initia­tives showcase the proactive role of young people in driving change and advocating for more transparent, fair, and inclusive electoral systems.



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