Spring and what follows

We are stepping out of winter and the beautiful season of spring is knocking at the door. This is the season when the trees grow new leaves, grass becomes greener, and birds make nests to lay eggs and hatch. Flowers start blooming and the farmers prepare for harvest. Businesses bring new stocks to mark the beginning of a new festive season. This is the season that marks the end of harsh winter and the beginning of new life.

However, like any good thing, spring does not last forever. The beautiful spring is followed by scorching summer, which brings with it disease and floods. Let us pray that this spring brings new hope, and we eventually get out of the unfortunate perpetual quarrels of our politicians. We finally see them working for the betterment of our beloved country, which cannot take more of their farces. For if they don’t, we will not be prepared for what is come in the future. If our dynastic parties and self-serving political do not realize the gravity of the situation, which has been worsened by the pandemic, we will be caught off-handed by economic misery, dengue, and malaria.

We also would not be prepared to handle crushing electricity load-shedding due to increased demand and devastation of floods. One can only wish and pray that our leadership for once behaves in a forward-looking manner for the betterment of the country.



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