Snowfall continue without break at Lower, Upper Chitral

CHITRAL  -  Snowfall is continue in Chitral and sub­urbs areas from the last 24-hours with no electricity and road access has been completely blocked as two to three feet has fallen in Chitral city, while two 2.5 feet of snow has been recorded on Lowari Tunnel Road. The road to Ga­ram Chashma and all roads leading to other districts have completely been blocked due to overnight heavy snow. Till filling of this report on Saturday afternoon, the snowfall has continued without any break. The communica­tion of Chitral to other districts has also been cut-off with roads closed for all kinds of traffic due to heavy snowfall as a result more than 40,000 people have been retrained and disconnected from other parts of Chitral.

After two days of continuous rain, snowfall in Lower and Upper Chitral districts since Thursday night, the intensity of the closure has also in­creased. There is no rush in the mar­kets while the traffic on the roads is not visible. The district administra­tion has warned the public to avoid unnecessary travel to be saved from any inconvenience or misshapen due to avalanches or land-sliding. Snowfall is also continuing in the three areas of Kalash Valley, Bomburit, Barir, Ram­bur and Shekhanandeh, where two feet of snow has fallen. More than two feet of snow has fallen in Midgalshit and the road has also been dam­aged by avalanches at many places. The people of Chitral burn firewood to protect themselves from the cold during snowfall, which increases the burden on the forests. Chitral has re­ceived snowfall for the second time in this season after a long drought, but local elders say that in March this is the first snowfall in 15 years. Accord­ing to local experts, when snowfall in November, December or January, it is long-lasting and freezes to a large extent, which is a major reservoir of water in summer, but the snow melts quickly during this season. While the people are happy with the recent snowfall, on the other hand, the peas­ants and farmers are also very hopeful that it will irrigate their fields in those areas where canal water is not avail­able and people used to irrigate their crops with rain or snow water. The el­ders of Garam Chashma informed that the National Highway Authority has not yet started snow removing work from the road due to which the people of the entire valley are stranded and they are deprived of daily necessi­ties, as well as fresh vegetables and chicken, meat. etc. are also unable to be supplied in this valley.

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