Ameliorating writing skills has been the greatest challenge for plenty of students that demands some extra effort among all skills and language. Many aspirants often ask about the way in which English can be polished. I myself have been asked by many times. The method and the strategy that I have accumulated, and initiated has been proved the best regarding the aforementioned confusion. For this question, my advice is clear crystal which starts off with fiction. For me, the fiction is the best strategy that I have ever used. Why do I always strongly recommend reading fiction? Here are some points.
Firstly, there is no shortcut to improving English, and it is within the realms of fiction where you can subconscious imbibe different writing styles, and grammatical rules and infuse a smooth flow into your writing. Secondly, reading fiction is the best way to improve one’s English, develop personalized writing style and subconscious learn English grammar and sentence structuring. Apart from this astound benefits, It is rightly said that grammar is nothing without practice and it is fiction which aids you entirely to recall your grammar rules, usages of tenses that have already been remembered by you. Rules pertaining to grammar are amazingly and pertinently expounded in fiction books. In the last, it is fiction that can render your expressions more powerful. HAMZA ALI, Islamabad.