I didn’t want to, but I read a blog in The Nation, Dear Dr. Nauman and Yahya Hussaini, your criticism of Team Misbah is downright embarrassing, published on January 11, 2017. I wouldn’t have responded, but I had to because Mr. Shehroze, whether pre-motivated, settling scores or whatever, may well be presenting his genuine impression. Even though it was an unauthentic rant, since he tried to, quite unnecessarily, malign my character.

Before I get into the conversation further, I must inform the readers and the writer, there has never been any ‘sexual harassment’ case against me. There was one case filed by a camera woman after she had been terminated from service against 14 employees of the PTV Sports and one female General Manager of PTV Home in the court of the Honorable Federal Ombudsmen. Since I head the PTV Sports and work as Director Sports & Syndication, my name was also included. The case was decided and obviously the decision was in our favour, since the attempt was to settle personal scores and to coerce both the parties into, with consensus, a settlement. Therefore, to write publically that I was ever investigated is untrue, that I was ever summoned to the court it never happened and I have never been probed for any wrong doing since I first started to work at the PTVC in 1996.

I must also mention that I went to Mr. Shehroze’s profile and instantly I got all the replies. In one of the pinned tweets he had admitted to the fact he was miserable and depressed. Therefore, there seems no point that I should go down to his level and respond to pure raving.

There have been many blogs written against me, and in some cases the authors admitting afterwards they had been forced to write I believe whatever content they had. They were quite brilliantly expressed and the language was quite impressive. This one has been hastily pulled out and only trudges on mediocrity of expression, language even the thoughts – anyway, that must be him.

None has asked the younger generation and people like Shehroze to follow our example. We are happy with what we do and they must mind their own business. They are free to go to any limit, because it would only reveal their true character, lineage and the family values. They want to abuse the freedom of expression or press that social media brings with it, we are absolutely fine with it.

The blog doesn’t make it clear whether the writer is incensed with our criticism on Misbah Ul Haq’s captaincy and the mindset he is leaving us with or is provoked by someone to create a stir. By positioning one’s own self as an analyst or being judgmental or personalizing criticism doesn’t make one more attractive. However, I being a parent myself feel the indignity and with limited knowledge, comprehension derived by over-ambitiousness, some of the youth has fallen astray and this is fast becoming a tool to social devastation. No issues, we have been part of this culture and society and we may well be condemned for not handling our children, the youngsters and their generation how they should have been handled – we pampered them.

I must quote an example; it may well be evaluated as a case study. I first introduced Mr. Bazid Khan on media and provided him all the opportunities to develop. He worked hard and did make his presence felt. He had an issue with delayed payments by the PTVC. Frustratingly, he went to the court of Federal Ombudsmen and the matter was settled. Thereafter he was banned to appear on PTV Sports. Interestingly, TENSPORTS where Bazid Khan now works are the joint broadcast partners of PTV Sports and his career pathway could easily have been interrupted. How he went to TENSPORTS, who recommended him, how an ex ICC Chairman pressed for his inclusion, how his father so desperately tried to define his work choices, he still improved dramatically and does an outstanding job. I, on behalf of PTV Sports, from where he actually started, wish him the best.

There is a case of Mr. Mazhar Arshad, a highly capable and a dynamic statistician – probably one of the better in his work. He had started to unnecessarily ostracize PTV Sports and their management. Once uncontrollable, his misdemeanor was reported to the TEN SPORTS management and thereafter he calmed down. I am overjoyed to see him progressing and developing so quickly. I have always been impressed by his work, resilience and the youthful exuberance. It should take him to the top – may be another Bill Frindall or Benny Green is in the making.

Then come Haider Azhar, Rehan Ul Haq, Hassan Cheema and Ahmar Naqvi. All of them intelligent, enterprising, capable and progressive, they were all first introduced to media by PTV Sports – probably Haider had worked elsewhere before. I had virtually handpicked them, purely on merit and tried giving them chances to develop. Therefore, whether they admit they were given their first break at the PTV Sports or not, is about their convictions. They have their own mindset, even if they try rebelling against their mentors or ostracizing them or being sarcastic. No issues, at least they have the capacity, the ability and energy to be progressive and contribute positively for cricket or whatever they do in life. If Hassan Cheema tweets filled with sarcasm against me or tries to force his arguments on our generation or calls someone ‘over weight lackeys’ must be how he has been brought up to ‘respect’ his seniors. No issues still. They all are brilliant boys and currently trying to make an impact, also attempting to redefine their careers. My sincerest wishes for all of them; may they in quick time be able to replace us.

A word or two about an allegation that I hog the PTV Sports screen. This, Mr. Shehroze, may well need to ask the sponsors and the market. Why should I waste my sweat on such trivialities? About having invited ex-foreign players to Pakistan on tax payers’ money is another ill-conceived accusation. PTV Sports doesn’t run on tax payers’ money. It earns through its content; in fact it shares the part burden of the administrative expenses of the network, and is a brand that is the highest on revenue generation, consumer demand and ratings within the Pakistan territory. It wasn’t about inviting the foreign stars for the heck of it, but to create a soft image of Pakistan and to attract international cricket back to Pakistan. Interestingly, with PCB trying to host the final of the PSL 2017 at Lahore, these invites to the ex foreign stars have become extremely relevant.

Lastly, only cricket sells as Mr. Shehroze puts it, and this was also once mentioned in his tweet by Hassan Cheem. Yes it’s true, within the Pakistan territory only cricket involving Pakistan or the ICC events generate revenue. The rest of the sports may well be high on consumer demand, they do not attract the advertisements. And it’s not only about PTV Sports, someone may well look into the FPC of the competitors and their current standing without ICC and Pakistan cricket events.

A word on Yayha Husseini; he is a colleague and has worked extremely hard first as a newscaster then as an Urdu journalist and now as a sports anchorperson. His incisive views you may well not like, but he has positioned himself in this market place and addresses a particular segment of the society. I believe he does what he knows best. He is an extremely nice gentleman and is contributing in his own way.

Mr. Shehroze is also ill informed about Pakistan not being a sports broadcast market, but it is another topic we would discuss later.

In the end I must wish Mr. Shehroze all the best in his career and life. May Allah be with him and he stays blessed. Good luck, it comes from the ‘overweight lackeys’. We have respected our seniors regardless of their mindset, and we still respect them. They came before us and they helped us to be where we are today.