Google partakes in Pakistan's celebrations with doodle

In celebration of the Pakistan’s 76th Independence Day, the Google, world’s largest search engine, has changed its doodle.

Google used to create interesting doodles on the occasion of various cultural and social events globally.

A new doodle has come out on the 76th anniversary of Pakistan's independence.

The today's doodle artwork depicts a toothed Indus Dolphin finds in the Indus River in Pakistan. It is called the Indus River Dolphin.

This species of Indus dolphin, also known as Bhalan in Urdu and Sindhi language, is in danger of extinction. It is also commonly known as blind dolphin.

Genetically, this species is not blind, but according to an estimate, pollution rising in the rivers is the main cause for its blindness.

Since, 2011 Independence Day, the Google has been drawing doodles on Pakistan's anniversary.

First time Google congratulated Pakistan with a green colored doodle decorated with moon, stars and Minar-e-Pakistan.

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