OUR STAFF REPORTER LAHORE National Highways & Motorway Police N-5 Central claimed to have arrested 13 criminals involved in different criminal activities and recovered illegal arms, huge amount of liquor, stolen animals, stolen timber, mobile phones and other valuables from them during last few days. The arrested accused were identified as Abdullah, Abdul Aziz, Rahim Baksh, Aslam, Shakeel, Azhar, Ziaullah, Haider, Wajid, Junaid, Muhammad Ali, Sher and Qasim and recovered a huge amount of arms and ammunition, more than 500 litre of liquor, a truck loaded with stolen animals and household articles, intoxicating material, stolen timber of government property and other valuables from their custody. Later, the arrested criminals and recovered items were handed over to local police for further legal action. Similarly NH&MP officers helped a 10-year-old Ahmad Raza, son of Abdul Hafeez to reunite with his aggrieved family.