Imran says protest date on next Saturday

ISLAMABAD   -   Reacting to the state­ments of interior min­ister, Pakistan Teh­reek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that they would come to Is­lamabad with full prepa­rations this time and an­nounce long march date on next Saturday.

He also said that In­terior Minister Rana Sanaullah would not find a place to hide in the federal capital if he dares to use violence against peaceful marchers. Speaking at an oath-taking cer­emony of office-bearers of the organisational advisory council of PTI here at Jinnah Convention Centre, Khan said that they were not fully ready on May 25 when Rana used massive teargas and shelling against PTI workers, women and children because they had intended to hold a peaceful long march on the fed­eral capital.

However, PTI chairman vowed that he would give a final call this time after fully preparing PTI’s tigers “for the decisive bat­tle to liberate the country from the corrupt rulers once and for all.” He stated that these rul­ers would not easily give them “freedom” as the current system was nourishing them.

He said that one has to strug­gle for freedom and sacrifices have to be made, because the current system served the inter­est of the powerful ruling elites. He added that the “real free­dom movement was the biggest movement” since the country got independence.

Former prime minister Khan urged the party workers to join his long march when he would give the call, as this was a test­ing time for the PTI workers and the nation.

“Seeing the preparation of the PTI tigers and tigresses on next Saturday, then I would give a fi­nal date for the long march,” Khan added.

PTI chief went on to say that the corrupt rulers of Pakistan had allowed the west to carry out around 400 drone attacks against our country and brought foreign war in the motherland, leaving thousands of Pakistanis martyred and injured.

He said that the whole tribal areas were destroyed because the two corrupts PML-N su­premo Nawaz Sharif and PPP leader Asif Ali Zardari allowed the drone strikes. “This is be­cause they could not afford to antagonize their foreign mas­ters since their wealth stashed abroad.”

He observed that the govern­ment functionaries were waiv­ing off their billions of rupees in corruption cases because they did not came to serve the people and the country but to protect and safeguard their own thefts and to please their masters.

He said that the rupee was going downwards against the US dollar at alarming pace, the economy was shrinking rapid­ly and inflation was breaking 50 years record due to the “import­ed“ government’s flawed and wrong economic policy.

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