Zohaib Malik makes strides at elite Bangkok tennis camp

Support from ACE Tennis Academy and SA Group fuels rising star’s international training

LAHORE   -  Pakistan’s emerging tennis talent, Zohaib Afzal Malik, has recently highlighted the significant role that the ACE Tennis Academy and SA Group have played in his training and development abroad. Under the guidance of the Pakistan Tennis Federation (PTF) President, Aisam-ul-Haq Qureshi, who also owns ACE Tennis Academy, Zohaib has been undergoing rigorous training at the Troops Tennis Academy in Bangkok.

During his time in Bangkok, Zohaib has been honing his skills at one of Asia’s premier sports facilities. “The training at Troops Tennis Academy has been intensive and transformative,” he said. “The support from Aisam Qureshi and the ACE Tennis Academy, in collaboration with SA Group, has provided a solid foundation for not only my current training but also my future endeavors in the sport.

“Just as the credit for a fruitful tree, which provides an abundance of fruit to many, belongs to the one who planted its seed, similarly, the transformation of an ordinary tennis player like myself into a professional on the international stage can largely be attributed to SA Group, after my parents. They have consistently provided essential financial support when it was most needed, and they remain eager to see me represent Pakistan in ATP and Grand Slam tournaments. I am deeply grateful to SA Group for their steadfast support in advancing my international tennis career.” 

The training regime for Zohaib includes a comprehensive schedule that spans from early morning until dusk, focusing on all facets of his development including physical, mental, and tactical aspects of tennis. “The Troops Academy boasts experienced coaches who have offered personalized coaching to refine my skills and techniques. The guidance I have received here is tailored to help athletes myself excel on international platforms,” he asserted.

Zohaib Malik extended his gratitude to Wee, the Director of Troops Tennis Academy, and Chatt, the Coordinator, for their exceptional training standards. “The professionalism and quality of training at Troops Academy motivate me to train here biannually, aiming for top positions in ITF Junior Circuit,” he added.

Azhar Khan is an accomplished senior sports journalist with extensive experience in the field. He can be reached at azharmasood786@gmail.com. Follow him on Twitter at @azharmasood786

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