LAHORE   -    Punjab Chief Minister Ch Parvez Elahi Sunday alleged that PDM parties were doing politics over floods in disregard of the miseries of the flood victims.  In the present time, we need to think above politics. The real politics at present is to serve the grief-stricken humanity”, he said while talking to a senior politician Nazir Jutt who called on him at the chief minister’s office. Nazir Ahmad Jutt is the father of Member National Assembly Ayesha Nazir Jutt and Arifa Nazir Jutt.

“The current situation demands that we should forget our mutual differences and instead lend a helping hand to our distressed brothers and sisters”, he stressed.  The CM denounced what he called the apathetic attitude of the political opponents saying that they did not have any empathy for their brothers and sisters living in miserable conditions.

 He censured that these people always displayed irresponsible behaviour on every important occasion including flood adding that their politics was not based on any principle or an ideology.

 He stated that the wisdom of those doing politics on flood could only be mourned. The PDM leaders are indifferent and are least concerned about the flood affectees, he alleged.