I am Imran Khan's biggest supporter: Reham Khan

Islamabad: Reham Khan, wife of PTI chairman Imran Khan, says she is the biggest supporter of Mr. Khan.

Speaking to media in Islamabad, she said purpose to taking part in NA-19 by-election is, to mobilize women and bring them out of homes. Reham Khan also announced her decision to spearhead party's campaign, for the upcoming by-election in Hazara Division, by saying that she had kicked off practical politics ever since she married Imran Khan.

“Our candidate Raja Aamir Zaman is a decent and honest man. He is the face of change PTI aspires to achieve. I personally know his family since this is my ancestral town,” she said. Ms Khan claimed that there was no competitor in Hazara division against PTI's candidate.

“We are kicking off election campaign in Haripur,” said Reham. To a question, she said, “I don’t even watch TV – be any foreign channel or local.” She went on to say that the “TV of Khan sahib’s room also does not work.”

She regretted that “some people” misreported facts about her and her children. Those who had no connection with me were given undue coverage on TV channels, she moaned. To a question, she said that she was a big supporter of Imran Khan’s ideology and politics. Every Pakistani child, she said, should get quality education. Imran Khan’s wife further said that she was subjected to humiliation by some media persons, while she always raised her voice for the rights of the journalist community.

Yet, I have a lot of respect for the media, she added.