Humanitarian crisis worsens in Gaza as Israel-Hamas war intensifies

Israel admits 4 more soldiers killed by Hamas fighters

GAZA/ ISRAEL  -  Clashes between Hamas and the Is­raeli military continued in multiple parts of the Gaza Strip on Saturday.

Hamas’ military wing, Al-Qassam Brigades, said Saturday that its fight­ers were “engaged in fierce battles from zero distance with occupation forces west of Jabalia camp,” in the north of Gaza. It also claimed clash­es occurred in Zaytoun, which is in northern Gaza as well. Jabalya has seen several days of fierce fighting, plus Israeli airstrikes. The Israel De­fense Forces said the 931st Battalion received information about Hamas militants occupying buildings in the area. The Israel Defense Forc­es announced that four more soldiers were killed in battles inside the Gaza Strip. One of them, Maor Cohen Eisenkot, was the nephew of government minister Gadi Eisen­kot, whose son Gal was killed in northern Gaza on Thursday. Maor Co­hen Eisenkot, 19, was a soldier of the Golani Bri­gade. He was killed Fri­day, the IDF said. All four of the soldiers killed were fighting in the southern Gaza Strip. So far, 96 IDF soldiers have died in bat­tle inside the Gaza Strip, according to the military. The IDF statement also said 12 soldiers were se­verely injured over the weekend during fighting inside the strip, and two soldiers were severely injured Friday by Hezbol­lah fire from Lebanon.

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