Recently Pakistan has been facing one of the worst kinds of economic crisis and political instability in its history, and the situation is deteriorating with passage of every second. Pakistan is on the verge of bankruptcy, and this is quite an alarming situation calling for immediate measures and actions to mitigate the worst effects. Sri Lanka is also facing the worst and harshest of the crisis with violent protests going on and the terrible financial crisis hitting hard on the country. The situation there is evident that if timely measures are not taken then what might happen in Pakistan. It is the time when Pakistan must get united in every aspect to gain the victory over this troublesome situation.

But the question arises that what needs to be done to put the country on the path of stability and then prosperity. The answer to the question is that Pakistan should focus on strengthening its economy because it is the biggest reality of 21st century. We can take an example of China – how has it become an economic giant and now is challenging the hegemony of United States. To strengthen itself, it is the need of the hour for Pakistan to shift its focus on Economy before it is too late.

Pakistan should work on its political instability, and the leaders should also come to senses and make collective efforts to save the country instead of doing blame game and humiliating each other. They should be more concerned about making the environment in our country more conducive to foreign investment and businesses. To do so, it is a must that Pakistan is stable and there are business-friendly policies to attract foreign investors. Moreover, Pakistan should also focus on the sectors in which there is great deal of potential to generate the revenue. Pakistan is an agrarian country having the best quality of rice, wheat and cotton and many other crops. If Pakistan invest in this sector, there is a good chance that it will support Pakistan’s economy. Apart from this, Pakistan is blessed with naturally beautiful and captivating tourist spots. If they are focused on, they can also generate great deal of revenue. Our industrial sector also needs to be transformed into more export-oriented industries to take the country out of Trade-deficit situation. All these measures will be possible to take only when the leadership is competent enough to pull the country out of such situation. To choose the right leader, the great responsibility is on public with Pakistan being a democratic country. Public should be educated on such matters so that they can take the right decision. Only wise and strong leadership can invest in revolutionary reforms and long-term policies.

To set Pakistan on the path of development, leaders along with the public needs to work hand in hand to make their country free of debt and independent in true sense. This is a critical time that can be a turning point for Pakistan. It can be a good turn if all are united and make collective and dedicated efforts to set our country free of foreign dependence. On the contrary, it can push us towards the worst situation as well if we keep a closed eye to the worsening situation. If we still neglect the need to take effective steps, we might end up just like Sri Lanka with worst kind of violent protests, financial and energy crisis. Now the ball is in our court, and it is entirely upon us to take our country on whichever side we want, either on the road to prosperity or on the path to failed state.