SZABIST traffic volunteers visit Safe City Islamabad

ISLAMABAD  -  Following special directives from the CPO Safe City/Traffic, the Dep­uty Director Technical warmly welcomed a delegation of traffic volunteer students from SZABIST at Safe City Islamabad, accord­ing to a public relations officer on Wednesday. The delegation toured various facilities, including the command and control center, the data hub unit, and modern tech­nology-equipped cameras, receiv­ing comprehensive briefings on project procedures and benefits. Safe City Islamabad’s multifacet­ed role in departments such as the Police Operations Center, Emer­gency Control Center, and E-Chal­lan System, among others, was highlighted to the students, em­phasizing its critical role in city safety and crime prevention.

The students learned that 42% of crimes are resolved through the Safe City Command and Con­trol Center, supported by face recognition cameras at city en­try and exit points to identify suspicious individuals. Express­ing gratitude, the delegation ac­knowledged the modern tech­nical systems employed by Islamabad Capital Police, ex­tending special thanks to CPO Safe City/Traffic and his team for the insightful visit. Additional­ly, the students met with DIG Op­erations Islamabad, where they were briefed on the profession­al capabilities of the police force and ongoing efforts to maintain peace in the federal capital.

During the meeting, DIG Op­erations Syed Shehzad Nadeem Bukhari emphasized public re­sponsibility in societal better­ment, urging citizens to prompt­ly report any witnessed crimes. He highlighted recent strategies implemented to combat crime and encouraged students to am­plify positive aspects. Ensuring public safety remained a top pri­ority, with continuous efforts to enhance citizen facilities and wel­fare initiatives for police person­nel underway. Self-accountability within the department was under­scored, alongside a zero-tolerance policy on bribery and excessive use of authority.

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