Knowledge without morality serves powerful: Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda

Women should play their role effectively, efficiently to achieve success

LAHORE   -  Prof Dr Jamileh-Sadat Alamolhoda, the wife of Iranian President, said on Tuesday that knowledge without morality serves the purpose of powerful and cruel ones. Addressing the international seminar: exhibition and launching of book titled ‘The Art of Living Femininely’ by Prof Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda here at the University of Home Economics, she said that she was happy to visit the women university, adding that there were women universities in Iran as well. She underscored the need for giving adequate attention towards women whether it was a women university or a co-educational institute. She said: “Culture of Iran and Pakistan have some common characteristics”. Independence of women was compared with western countries, she said and added that for us providing protection and taking women along was independence of women. Jamileh Alamolhoda said: “There are a lot of challenges with regard to upbringing of coming generations and all of us have to play our special role in this regard”. She said that it was a high time to stand up for protecting the values of morality, adding that each of us was aggrieved over the killing of humans in Gaza. She said that time had come to restore values of morality, adding that teachers were actually technicians of knowledge centre. She said: “I have mentioned in her book that if women play their role effectively and efficiently then success could be achieved”. She said there were two types of extremes, adding that one extreme - restricted women to homes while other one was put women in race of earning equal to men.She said both extremes yield negative results in their own ways. Dr Jamileh Alamolhoda said, “In Iran special attention is given in homes to educate girls about providing comfort and respect, whereas boys are educated to provide protection.” She underlined the need for giving importance to family structure as it played a significant role to develop good society. University of Home Economics Vice Chancellor Faleeha Zahra Kazmi presented a souvenir to Dr Prof Jamileh Alamolhoda.

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