‘Nutritious Fruit Bars’ project launched to improve food security

LAHORE  -  The Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition (GAIN) Pakistan suc­cessfully launched its transfor­mative project, “Nutritious Fruit Bars,” aimed at revolutionising the fruit value chain in Pakistan. 

The project launch event, titled “Empowering Health and Sustain­ability through Nutrient Enriched Fruit Bars,” took place in Lahore on Tuesday.

This initiative addressed the critical challenge of post-harvest losses in fruits like apricots and dates, which significantly impact­ed food security and economic sta­bility in rural communities.

Post-harvest losses, amounting to as much as 30 percent of the harvest before reaching consum­ers, posed a significant threat to food security and economic resil­ience. 

GAIN’s project, funded by the Danish International Develop­ment Agency (DANIDA) in collabo­ration with Arla Food Ingredients (AFI) and Danish Industry (DI), is aimed to develop innovative and affordable fruit-based products to mitigate these losses and provide nutritious food options, especially for low-income consumers.

Country Director of GAIN Paki­stan, Farah Naz, highlighted the importance of this initiative in ad­dressing malnutrition and foster­ing sustainable food systems. “The ‘Nutritious Fruit Bars’ project came at a crucial time, offering a sustainable and scalable solution to combat post-harvest fruit loss­es,” she said.

She added, “By working collabo­ratively with stakeholders and le­veraging technical expertise, we aimed to make healthy food snack options accessible to vulnerable populations.”

The event brought together key stakeholders from the public sec­tor, private sector/SUN Business Network (SBN) members, global partners, and relevant stakehold­ers to discuss innovative solutions in the fruit value chain. A dele­gate of international experts from GAIN, AFI and DI also joined the event and shared the importance of nutritious food products. 

The event agenda included ses­sions on leveraging expertise for sustainable fruit-based solutions, responsible business conduct, reg­ulatory compliance, and sustain­able business models in the fruit value chain.

A panel discussion focused on responsible business conduct and sustainable practices, featuring experts from academia, industry, and regulatory bodies was held to get insights from technical experts about regulations, product posi­tioning and affordability etc.

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