‘Political stability’ is pivotal to ‘Nation state’

Submitting to the ‘will of the people’ is the key lesson which needs to be embraced by ruling elite and all state institutions alike

Ever since, ‘Nation state’ hinges on ‘Political stability’. It truly serves as the root in the overall construct of statehood and its national security. It mothers economic stability paving way for prosperity, pride, passion, patriotism, plight and might. Even cursory look of all developed and developing states reveals key role of ‘political stability’ in their standing amongst comity of nations. No state can rise and optimize its potential without it and Pakistan needs to realize this lesson fast.

Ears are choked listening that Pakistan is passing through the most difficult time of its life. Ever since, Pakistan has been in chains of political instability. The seesaw of power has been floating and contested amongst civilians, military and bureaucracy, stifling the rising potential of Pakistan. Dispassionate feel of present days’ quagmire clutching Pakistan enveloped with shadowless dark truly sends tremors up the spine. Nation stands extremely divided, polarized, disjointed but youth is looking for the way out. Institutions stand exposed, jolted, eroded and are desperately striving for retaining power relevance. Judicial system stands failed in speedy dispensation of justice and upholding the rule of law, tangent to masses’ aspirations but is extracting relevance through contempts rather than justice. Legislature stands irrelevant and is hijacked by ‘family limiteds’ serving vested interests and are absolutely divorced from masses at large. Bureaucracy stands polluted and politicized serving their changing ‘Masters’ rather than state and masses. There is downslide in every facet. Mere Xray is scary, MRI would lead to paralysis to say the least. 

Leaving aside the hit to pride, dignity and respect of ‘Green’ at the global level, just look at the economic graph of last six months, it will tell the story of unsurmountable challenges clutching Pakistan. Rupee floating free, capital flight eying K2, inflation touching Everest, industries choking, agriculture reeling, power sector squeezing, unemployment rising, remittances flatening, revenue collection dipping, loans fatening, debt servicing swelling, and the accumulative hit is getting irreparable with every passing day. 

Unfortunately, in the given environment ruling elite and institutions are struggling to feel the masses. This conclusion itself is very scary. Instead of hugging, pacifying, facilitating, relieving and offering shoulders to ever suffering public in trying conditions, ruling elite is oberved locking horns with masses thus flaming their anger, compelling them to be on streets. More annoying is that in  contrast to their sufferings, ruling elite is on spree to whitewash their corruption, making global tours on tax payers money and  closing all valves of masses’ anger. What a strange and illogical strategy!!!!

Afterall it is the masses which ‘mothers’ the institutions and all institutions even put together at their own are nothing without masses’ backing and support. Thus submitting to the ‘will of the people’ is the key lesson which needs to be embraced by ruling elite, judiciary, executive, bureaucracy and all state institutions alike. This key lesson is the foundation stone of much needed political stability. Therefore all need to realign and be accountable to those who make and sustain them. Time is already up for major reforms and realignment of all, to get in sync with aspirations of people to restore relevance and respect. The earlier it is done, the better it would be. 

Pakistan stands in need of major ‘Reforms’ coupled with reset and reboot of mindset at all tiers to address her core challenges. The list of required reforms is too lengthy and no one is in the capacity to shortlist and define the urgent needed reforms. Therefore Interim govt must devise ‘Reforms Framework’ as per the Masses’ Aspirations within the stipulated 90 days. This framework must have Six Core Strands; ‘Accountability, Anti Corruption Mechanism, Rule of Law, Election Reforms, Criminal Justice System and Bureaucracy Reforms’. Thereon free and fair elections must be held to  allow the Masses to elect their rulers. As the framework would be Masses’ owned, therefore masses’ pressure would track and mould the winning party to reform as per the given framework. Rider clause is that all institutions must remain within their constitutional sphere and submit before the 'will of the people' in line with the spirit of democratic protocols being observed in all democracies of the world. May God bless Pakistan!

ePaper - Nawaiwaqt