Power Div officials involved in corruption in awarding Dasu transmission line contract

ISLAMABAD-Alleging officials of the Power Division of corruption in awarding the Dasu transmission line contract, the Senate panel on power has recommended the government to take action against the officials and BoD members.
The Senate standing committee on power, which met under Senator Saifullah Abro, also recommended to blacklist both the M/s GOPA Intec and M/s Sinohydro Corporation. Alleging the heavy weight of the power of corruption in awarding the Dasu transmission contract, Saifullah Abro said that the soon the proofs of the corruption of Power Division officials in 255km Dasu Transmission line project will be provided to the committee. 
The standing committee that met for two consecutive days has discussed in detail 255km 765kV double circuit transmission line from Dasu Hydro Power Station to Islamabad. The project cost is $800 million. The committee noted that contract of 765 kV transmission line was awarded to a firm which does not have the relevant experience. 
The committee was informed that the project has been implemented as per World Bank guidelines. In this regard, World Bank documents and evaluation report have also been provided. The Chief Engineer apprised the committee about the details of the project and said that the contract for the project was signed on August 16, 2013. The committee was informed that Sino Hydro and Gopa companies worked on the project. The capacity of both the companies was not enough to work on this project.
On which, the chairman and members of the committee said that when NTDC had come to know that the relevant companies were not capable of it, then action would have been taken at the beginning. The committee noted that board of directors of NTDC also turned a blind eye and the people of the ministry were also involved in this corruption in the award of the contract.
The members of the committee said that a lot of discussion has already been done on these issues. The chairman Committee should give instructions to the relevant institutions regarding the matters. On which, the chairman Committee said that Gopa did not have the capacity to work on this project nor did the company have the relevant experience for this work. According to the documents provided, the company is not eligible for these works and as per the law it was required that there should be separate company for each lot of the project. The organization should write to the World Bank to blacklist Sino Hydro and Gopa and take strict action against the board of directors of NTDC and other people of the ministry who are involved in this corruption according to the law. 
The World Bank should retender these companies to someone else. Chairman of the committee said that things are cleared in lot-II of the transmission project and the companies their also do not qualify. The rest of the lots will also be examined in detail in the upcoming meetings. It is worth to mention, that on the first day of the meeting, the power committee had recommended referring the case for the award of contract for World Bank funded transmission line project from Dasu to Islamabad, to FIA or NAB. The committee noted that that the pre qualification bid was wrongly made and said that M/s GOPA Intec as consultant was responsible for wrong bid.

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