Human rights violation in Illegal Indian Occupied Jammu and Kashmir (IIOJK)

Since the death of Burhan Wani in 2016, while the nature of the Kashmir independence movement has changed, the narrative of armed struggle and liberation from Indian coercion has been strengthened. According to government figures, more than 1000 young people have joined militant groups. These young people are highly educated. Armed militants openly meet ordinary people, and use social media. It seems that frustrated and hopeless youth in Kashmir have found a purpose in life. The most important aspect of the Kashmir struggle is the psychological aspect. Kashmiri youth and minors now think they are at war. The current generation's hatred and dislike for India, which was considered to be the result of acts of violence by the Indian Army during the 1990s, has intensified in this decade.

International human rights organizations have expressed concern that human rights activists in Kashmir are being framed in bogus cases to stifle their voices. The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights is the most important step in the modern world for the United Nations. They try to find out what basic human rights we as human beings have and where the horrific story of atrocities is being perpetrated around the world in violation of these rights.

United Nations Charter of Human Rights, Overview, The United Nations Charter of Human Rights states that no religious, racial, or sexual discrimination can be tolerated in respect of fundamental human rights and freedoms. Every human being is free and independent. Everyone's self-esteem is equal. One man cannot enslave another. This charter tells us that there is no room for prejudice and discrimination in human behavior. No one can humiliate anyone. Cannot beat, torture, or kill anyone. Every human being has the right to practice his or her own religion.
Any human being can practice his or her ideas and beliefs, organize, smooth politics and public opinion. The right of every citizen of the country to health, education and employment should be equally recognized. No human being can deprive another of his rights, nor can he interfere with anyone's freedom.

The Indian government has failed to protect religious minorities, and has resorted to brutal counter-terrorism laws to silence peaceful dissent, and foreign funding rules to silence NGOs that criticize government actions and policies.
The Indian government's actions have led to the loss of access to employment and education. The repression has drawn criticism from the international community, including the US Congress, the European Parliament, and the United Nations Human Rights Council. UN experts have raised concerns throughout the year in India over a number of issues, including extrajudicial killings, the possible displacement of millions in Assam, the possible displacement of tribal communities and forest dwellers, and the closure of communications in Kashmir. included.

The Organization of Islamic Cooperation Permanent Commission on Human Rights has condemned the violation of Indian human rights in Kashmir on the day of exploitation. The OIC Human Rights Commission says that on the day of the siege of Kashmir, the OIC Human Rights Commission supports the demand of UN experts to address the dangerous human rights situation in Indian-occupied Kashmir.

A statement issued by the OIC Permanent Commission on Human Rights said, "We also support the demand of the UN experts that human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, enforced disappearances, and violence be reported in Indian-occupied Jammu and Kashmir." And investigate cases of illegal detention. The report said that as a result of these testimonies, 22,939 women became widows and 17855 children became orphans. During this period, Indian troops desecrated 11,246 women and damaged 110,445 residential houses and other buildings. The report said that more than 8,000 Kashmiris have been reported missing by Indian troops and police during the period.

India occupied Kashmir aggressively keeping all the rules and regulations above the fold but it could not get the spirit of independence out of the hearts of Kashmiris. So far more than one lac Kashmiri citizens have been martyred in the valley, thousands of women have been raped and all forms of violence have been tried but the spirit of Kashmis' freedom has not been diminished. Prohibited pellet guns continue to be used indiscriminately, leaving thousands of children and adults blind. These pellets attach to different parts of the body and the patient becomes a living corpse. On top of that, India is also preventing international observers from entering the valley.

In fact, for the last 75 years, the Indian Army has been involved in massive human rights violations in Occupied Kashmir and international human rights organizations have reported such large-scale violations, but India has always been arrogant. Is keeping After every incident, his response has been that it is just a fabricated story or propaganda. Interestingly, taking such a stand, India does not even allow international human rights organizations such as Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch to visit occupied Kashmir and observe the situation there. Since last year, the Indian Army has killed dozens of innocent civilians in Azad Kashmir and Pakistan by unprovoked firing on the Line of Control and the international border.

The worst human rights violations have been going on in Occupied Kashmir under the guise of curfew and lockdown. Humans are being treated worse than animals, but that does not mean that Kashmiris are only now demanding an end to curfew and lockdown. Their demand goes even further and that is complete independence from India. Tactics such as curfew, lockdown, oppression, and violence have always been tolerated. Such measures cannot intimidate them and force them to give up their demands and mission. Had that been the case, India would not have needed to impose a curfew in Kashmir.

Kashmiris were victims of the longest lockdown in history from 5 August 2020 to 2 September 2021. India has also barred international observers from entering the valley. The silence of the United States and the West on this is also significant. In the American and Western countries where animals are taken care of and also have rights, those same countries are turning a blind eye to the atrocities on unarmed people in occupied Kashmir. A report released by the US Commission on Religious Freedom states that the atrocities perpetrated by Hindu extremists on Muslims and other minorities in India have increased alarmingly.

Genocide of Kashmiris, mass graves, torture in custody, use of chemical weapons, violence against children and women, enforced disappearances, use of pellet guns, collective punishment, black laws, false flag operations, and fake police encounters are some of the Indian crimes. Mention is found in reports from around the world
Pakistan demands that international media and human rights organizations be given access to occupied Kashmir, as fascist policies pose a serious threat to the region. We need to awaken the international conscience in this regard. There is a need to draw the attention of the United Nations to the Kashmir dispute until the Kashmirs get their freedom which is their basic right.

The story of oppression in Occupied Jammu and Kashmir is not only heartbreaking but also a blatant violation of the human rights created by the United Nations. The atrocities perpetrated on Kashmiris by India have gone beyond tolerance. No one could escape Indian aggression for the sake of children, old, young, men, and women. Children have been subjected to such inhumane torture that the very idea of it makes the hair stand on end and humanity begins to be ashamed. The soldiers are abducted and disappeared, and then the mutilated corpses are brutally dumped, which is a testament to India's Pharaonic and Genghis Khans. The sanctity of Eve's daughter is violated by sexually abusing women. Demolition of laughing houses has become a hobby of the Indian Army and Indian Police. There is hardly any other example of human rights violations.

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