Democratic Palestine

In 1992, my book of English articles was published under the title” The Testament of Truth”. In this article, I had unveiled the treacherous policies of Britain and bestiality of Israel. I had written that “Two States Formula” was with an intention to end the Israel- Palestine conflict forever, though it was sheer injustice as the Israelis were not the inhabitants but usurpers. America succeeded to get the resolution of the partition of Palestine into two states from UN, one for the Zionists and another for the Arab Palestinians on November 29, 1947.
At that time, it seemed the only feasible and amicable solution of the crisis. But , eventually, the Palestinians were exiled from their homeland by the Israelis who were ill intentioned. The Jewish immigrants from five continents with different races, languages and cultures were planted in Palestine. With the monetary and military support of Britain and America, the creation of Israel was declared on May15, 1948. Now the question arises, if the Two States Solution was accepted by Israel as it was according to the UN resolution, then, why Israel is not accepting it and mercilessly killing the Palestinians even today? Why America and Britain are not pressuring Israel to stop aggression on armless civilians and act upon UN resolution? If such partial and prejudicial attitude continues, it will damage the efficacy and purpose of UN to maintain peace in the world. Since 1948, Israel is massively massacring the innocent Palestinians.
At present, since October 7, 2023, Israel is attacking through air strikes on the armless innocent civilians of Gaza Strip and had killed Seven thousand civilians, including women and children. Is it not inhumane act? Is it not war crime? Are the president of America, Prime Minister of England and Prime Minister of Israel not criminals? Should not International Court of Justice summon them as War Criminals and punish them? Who is responsible for this genocide of the civilians? Is not it a crime to kill civilians according to the UN Charter?
I accept Two States Formula as a permanent peace in the Middle East as the only resort in the given situation. But , even this UN formula has been trampled upon by Israel. Israel is a Terrorist State cherishing the delusion of expansionism. I would like to quote When a few years ago, I wrote an article titled “ Democratic Palestine”, I suggested a state in which the Muslims, the Christians and the Jews should live peacefully, and democratically. It was the best solution to end religious persecution and racial discrimination and establish an inclusive society and state. But, the Western powers cleverly connived and recognised Israel as an independent state. Palestine was declared as “ Palestine National Authority”, having formal representation in UN as an Observer. It was declared an administrative authority to manage the inner affairs and was not recognised as a member of UN. It was blatant injustice. I would like to quote a few excerpts from my book titled “ The Testament of Truth.” What I had written in 1992, and predicted is hundred percent correct in the present situation. I had written:
“ In 1886 at Basil, Switzerland, Theodore Herzal founded the Zionist Movement for procuring land to establish a Zionist State.”
The Zionist State was established in 1948 by the help of America and Britain. It is not a Jewish State, it is a Zionist State, which is even opposed by most of the Jews throughout the world. Now, I cite an other passage of my article that fits on the present hostility of the fascist Israeli state.
“ The British armed the Jews and protected them. The native Palestinians were exiled and crushed. On May 15, 1948, the British gave the Zionists the mandate to usurp the land of Palestine. They were forced to flee leaving their homes and hearths for the Zionists”.
This plight is being repeated even today. The people of Gaza Strip are being forced to leave their homes, otherwise, they will be bombarded and vanquished. Israel is bombarding on the hospitals, schools, houses, and other installations. The civilians are killed by air strikes which is unprecedented in human history. Israel has encircled Gaza city after Israeli troops have expanded ground offensive in North Gaza. War on Gaza can turn into Third World War. It must be ended immediately. The Prime Minister of Israel is playing a nefarious game. He intends to win the upcoming elections. He has become unpopular after the aerial attack of Hamas on Israel and he has no choice but to kill all the civilians of Gaza Strip. Strikes on civilians are not acceptable and can not be justified, they may be from either side. No justification and license to kill the civilians. There can’t be two options about it. Humanitarians believe in peace and humanity. They can’t be partial and prejudiced like Joe Biden, Benjamin Netanyahu and Rishi Sunak.
The world expects them to take measures for the permanent peace in the Middle East. Israel must yield before International law. America is a super power and the world expects sanity from American President. The way the civilians of Gaza are being killed, it had shuddered and shaken the conscience of the whole world. Americans as a nation are democratic and humane. The world expects from them to pressure the government to come forward to establish peace and end war in Gaza. If Middle East conflict is resolved according to UN resolution and OSLO Accord, and Two States Formula is implemented, it will be in the interest of parties concerned and a happy news for all countries.

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