Blome upbeat about Pak-IMF talks, commends counterterrorism efforts

Expressing optimism about the ongoing talks between Pakistan and the IMF, US Ambassador to Pakistan Donald Blome stated on Wednesday that the global lender’s positive feedback would encourage investors.

During a meeting with Senate Chairman Yousuf Raza Gillani, the ambassador acknowledged Pakistan's positive economic indicators, noting the downward trend in inflation and the country's high-dollar reserves.

Blome commended the efforts of the Pakistan economic team and expressed optimism regarding its ongoing discussions with the IMF.

He also emphasised the potential for further economic cooperation between Pakistan and the US.

Blome highlighted the flourishing gaming industry in Pakistan and called for enhanced cooperation in the digital sector.

The US ambassador also acknowledged Pakistan’s counterterrorism efforts, and reiterated US support in combating terrorism, recognising the significant impact of terrorism on the country.

Blome extended heartfelt congratulations to Yousuf Raza Gillani on being elected as the Senate chairman and conveyed his best wishes for a successful tenure.

Gillani appreciated the US government for its collaboration across various sectors. He underscored the need to enhance trade links for mutual benefit and to boost trade volume.

Expressing Pakistan’s commitment to nurturing its long-standing friendly ties with the US, the Senate chairman emphasised the importance of further promoting parliamentary relations between the two nations.

He underscored the pivotal role that parliamentary contacts could play in enhancing public and legislative engagement.

Recognising the significant economic partnership between the two countries, Gillani highlighted the US as Pakistan’s largest trading partner.

The Senate chairman appreciated the existence of a strong Parliamentary Caucus in the US Congress for the promotion of bilateral ties.

Gilani informed the ambassador about the ongoing reconstitution of the friendship group, aimed at promoting mutually beneficial ties and enhancing people-to-people contacts through parliamentary diplomacy.

Gillani also underscored the challenges faced by students and businessmen in obtaining US visas and called for further streamlining of the visa process.

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