Only CJP can save Murad Saeed's life, says Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Thursday said that only Supreme Court (SC) Chief Justice could save the life of party leader Murad Saeed.

Taking to Twitter, the deposed premier had asked the CJP to "do whatever it takes" to protect the life of Mr Saeed. The former prime minister shared a letter written by Mr Saeed to the top judge.

"The Honourable Chief Justice, former federal minister, and MNA Murad Saeed has written this letter to you saying that there are serious threats to his life. His safety can be ensured only by the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court," maintained Mr Khan.

 Earlier today, Mr Khan claimed state was trying to "unravel" his party under the guise of May 9 vandalism.

Taking to Twitter, Mr Khan said, "Those who are shouting slogans of Yazidism in the PDM should know that it is not destroying PTI but our democracy."

"However, this attempt to enslave us will fail because we have a politically aware youth population that gets its information from social media," Imran added. 

On Wednesday, Mr Khan said he was ready to form a committee to negotiate with "anyone" in power.

Addressing via video link, he said the committee would discuss two points with first on what benefit it would bring to the country if he was eliminated. “The other point will be to gauge the advantages of holding elections in October,” he added. He would announce the committee, he said, on Thursday.

Mr Khan went on to say that the oppression would not eliminate the PTI and such tactics would instead boost the party. "If he starts distributing PTI tickets, anyone who gets it will win," he added. A political party ended, he said, when its vote bank ended.

He asked if an ideology could be crushed with such cruelty. “If this was so, Kashmir would have been in India’s hands,” he added. The party leadership was detained,he said, and the magical words of “leaving the PTI” got them out.

The former premier went on to say that he was surprised to see all this, adding that had been asking my PTI members to stay inside their homes to avoid such environment. “An impression is created that you will be relieved of all difficulties if you quit,” he added.

Mr Khan said a time was about to come when democracy would end in the country. “Democracy ends when fundamental rights are not given,” he added.

At one point, he said only those would survive who bowed down to power, he added.

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