India's Anju gifted land in Pakistan as token of appreciation for embracing Islam

An Indian woman, Anju, who made headlines at home and abroad for traveling to Upper Dir and marrying a Pakistani man, has received a piece of land and other gifts as a token of appreciation for embracing Islam, Hindustan Times reported.

Anju, who now goes by the name of Fatima after marrying a Pakistani man in Upper Dir, was presented with a piece of land and other gifts as a token of appreciation for embracing Islam.

Anju's dramatic marriage with her Facebook friend Nasrullah, 29, drew great attention as it made headlines on both sides of the border since her arrival in Pakistan.

The 35-year-old Indian divorcee traveled to Pakistan legally on a valid visa and wedded Nasrullah, who she befriended on Facebook in 2019.

In Pakistan, Anju received a warm welcome from the locals.

The chief executive officer of a real estate company based in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Mohsin Khan Abbasi, presented 10 marla housing land and Rs50,000 gifts to Anju.

A video has surfaced on social media where Abbasi was seen visiting a couple at their residence.

In the video, he said he presented the gifts to Anju to make her feel at home in Pakistan.

"Anju has come here from India and converted to Islam. So these gifts are to welcome her, to congratulate her as we are immensely happy. This is just a small attempt to appreciate her," he said.

"Secondly, when someone moves to a new place, the main problem is housing. Since we have a project running, we thought it better to accommodate them [Anju and Nasrullah] here," Abbasi said.

He said that all of it was to assure Anju that she would not face any difficulty after conversion to Islam.

The mother of two from Kailor in India's Uttar Pradesh crossed the Wagah border on Pakistan's visa, which is valid for a month, on July 22.

However, being a foreigner, she’ll have to request the Home Ministry in case she wants to extend her visit.

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