Test case for Sindh government

The Ranipur incident, where an influential pseudo-Pir is accused of sexually molesting a ten-year-old girl who died due to torture, is a litmus test for Care­taker Sindh Home Minister Retd. Brig Harris Nawaz. Despite the post-mortem examination, if the police have failed to make sub­stantial progress, the responsi­bility rests on the Home Minister. The Sind police and other agen­cies tasked with enforcing the rule of law fall under his admin­istrative control. Street crimes in Karachi have increased instead of decreasing. 

It is time for Harris Nawaz, who used to be a regular on TV talk shows, to “Walk the Talk,” now that all law enforcement agencies in Sindh are under his jurisdiction. Previously, he used to blame polit­ical parties for either patronising criminals or displaying incompe­tence in handling similar crimes.



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