The season of inflation continues!

Just when we thought that things couldn’t get any more disheart­ening after losing to India and be­ing eliminated from the Asia Cup, the government announced an in­crease in fuel prices.

Currently, petrol prices stand at 331.38 rupees, and high-speed die­sel is at 329.18 rupees per litre after the hike of 26.02 and 17.34 rupees, respectively. These numbers are not only unprecedented but also deep­ly alarming. Where does an average wage earner go from here? Trans­portation costs are devouring a sig­nificant portion of their budget, es­pecially for those living in large cities who must travel consider­able distances for personal and pro­fessional obligations. Let’s not for­get that this is the second fuel price hike in September. For most of us, our incomes have remained stag­nant for months, if not years. I fear that fuel prices might rise again be­fore this write-up reaches readers.

I remember Imran Khan repeated­ly stating in his speeches, “Allah has blessed Pakistan with 12 seasons.” However, ever since he assumed of­fice, there seems to be only one sea­son—the season of inflation—and it shows no signs of abating!



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