Nation looking towards Imran Khan, says Haleem Sheikh

KARACHI  -  President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Sindh, Haleem Adil Sheikh, along with General Secretary Advocate Ali Palh, held an important press conference at Insaf House Karachi with PTI leaders.

Addressing the press conference, Haleem Adil Sheikh stated that the nation witnessed on February 8th and again on April 21st how blatant rigging took place in the elections. The decisions made by the nation have not been acknowledged, and decision-makers seem deaf to the nation’s heartbeat. The nation is looking towards Imran Khan.

Sheikh reiterated that on February 8th, our mandate was stolen, and on April 21st, a broad daylight robbery occurred on the mandate. Mandates from across Punjab were stolen in the by-elections. Until we get our mandate back, Imran Khan will not release. Regarding Bushra Bibi’s health, Sheikh expressed concern, citing reports suggesting her life is in danger. Our Assembly members have submitted a resolution in the Sindh Assembly demanding immediate personal medical treatment for Bushra Bibi, who is a our first lady and is being unfairly targeted to pressurize Imran Khan.

Sheikh highlighted that holding rallies and and  peaceful public gathering is our legal right. While the PPP government chants slogans of democracy, they deny us the right to hold rallies and public gatherings. PTI’s political activities have been restricted. When we held a rally, Karachi was put under lockdown. He added we applied for a rally on April 28th, but permission hasn’t been granted yet. We expect the Sindh High Court to grant us permission on the 26th now we will hold public gathering on 5 May at Bagh-e- Jinnah Ground.

He assured that everyone who voted for PTI will join the our rally. Our rally will take place at Mazar-e-Quaid Ground on May 5th. On April 26th, protests will be held nationwide against rigging, followed by a spiritual foundation day celebration at Insaf House on Thursday. On May 5th, a rally will be held in Karachi. We stand with the nation, and our struggle will continue until we reclaim our theft mandate.

Addressing foreign policy, Sheikh lamented that the country’s foreign policy has failed, and the economy relies solely on charity. We welcome the visit of the Iranian president. Our relations with Saudi Arabia and Iran were excellent. World leaders consider our leader, Imran Khan, as the leader of the Muslim world.

Sheikh also commented on the deteriorating law and order situation in Sindh, particularly in Karachi, due to target killings, making citizens’ lives and properties unsafe. The Sindh government has deployed the entire police force behind us. On one side, there is havoc wreaked by bandits, and on the other, all police branches are behind PTI workers.

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