The People’s Republic of China finally seems to be quite successful in convincing some of the world’s powers that development and prosperity can be used as weapons to conquer the world. No need to intervene, no need to take someone’s life, and there is no need to make a country occupied. It is the order of the world “Do well and have well”. To whom you do good, he will respond well in return. G7 countries have announced to launch a similar project to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. While, comparing China alone to the world’s seven largest economies at the same time, several groups of seven countries, including Italy, are receiving their share of growth by becoming regular members of BRI. Global nuclear powers Pakistan; Russia etc are important players in promotion of BRI. Chinese nation is celebrating its 73rd National Day tomorrow ,and at the same time , China’s mega project launched in 2013 turned so successful that some countries are campaigning against it, but at the same time, the same countries are following it, they are calling it competition, so ridiculous . It’s okay, nothing to worry about because the world cannot afford a third war after the destruction in first and second world wars, and China has undoubtedly provided the way to avoid it. There is no need to intervene in any country, but what are its needs? It needs to be asked. Under the Belt and Road Initiative, China has gone a long way to meet the essential needs of these countries including infrastructure, energy in 125 countries in at least 6 continents. President Xi Jinping’s vision of One Belt One Road and the countless achievements to bring it to its destination are a source of pride for Chinese as well as it is also being praised by the states and their people included in BRI. The border of any country has not changed, no soldiers, civilians have died, not even a single child was killed and progress, prosperity is spreading without hindrance like air. When G7 countries announced a global infrastructure project to counter the Belt and Road Initiative in 2021, China is estimated to have invested approximately $1000 billion in various projects around the world. In June 2022, the Group of Seven leaders pledged to raise $600 billion in private and public funds over five years to finance needed infrastructure in developing countries and counter China’s older, multitrillion- dollar Belt and Road project. At the same time, China’s process of investing $400 billion worth of projects in just one country (Iran) is on the rise. The Chinese project is simultaneously spreading its roots in hundreds of countries. It is remarkable that China, which was founded on October 1, 1949, has become an exemplary example for the world’s major economies in just 73 years. Who knew that a leader like Xi Jinping would launch a project that would connect the entire world through roads, railway lines and oceans in one glorification? Where China used to take months and years to reach via the arduous ancient Silk Road, the same region is now reducing years of travel across the globe to months and months of travel to days. Who could have guessed that this idea of Chinese president will change the world, and today most of the powers of the world will imitate it. I think the leadership of world powers now needs to accept Xi Jinping as their leader and take guidance from him. This idea of Chinese leader means ruling over hearts instead of ruling over the world. History is a witness that wars break the borders of countries and cause the destruction of their infrastructures, and China’s unarmed war respects the borders of every country, as well as improvement of infrastructure, development and prosperous lifestyle. If your policies are not for the protection and freedom of any life, they will end today or tomorrow. If the world could be conquered by war, the country of Napoleon Bonaparte would have the sole veto power. Had the killings been a success, the Mongols would not have been lost in the pages of history today. America’s Marshall Plan to uplift the devastated Europe is still valuable and admirable. Even decades later, the development of Europe attracts people from all over the world, while the scope of the Belt and Road Initiative is not for a single region or continent, but an attractive practical plan to make every region Europe. China has every right to celebrate its national day in a grand manner and there is no harm if all the countries of the world join in this joy, this is also China’s right.

khawar abbas sandhu

–The writer is special correspondent of Nawa-i-Waqt and working on BRI and CPEC.