Multan Commissioner launches Study to Move Forward initiative

KHANEWAL  -  In a remarkable stride towards educational equity, Multan division Commissioner Maryam Khan has initiated the “Study to Move Forward” campaign. This pioneering effort aims to fulfil the education­al aspirations of underprivileged children by pro­viding them access to quality education in private schools. In this regard, an agreement has been forged among the district administration, educa­tion authority, and private school administrators to facilitate this noble cause. According to the terms of the agreement, children who have been deprived of schooling will be granted admission to renowned private schools, free of cost. Over 50 children from Khanewal district will benefit from this initiative, receiving not only education but also essential provisions such as uniforms, books, and shelter. The signing ceremony witnessed the presence of Khanewal Deputy Commissioner (DC) Wasim Hamid Sindhu, government officials, pri­vate school owners, and parents of the enrolled children. Additionally, district-level committees are being established to oversee the implementa­tion of this initiative. These children, empowered by education, are poised to become the pride of our nation, serving as pillars of support for their families. DC Wasim Hamid Sindhu emphasised the importance of education in propelling the country towards development, asserting that every child deserves access to education. The commendable support extended by the district administration underscores the collaborative effort required to uplift educational standards. Private schools are urged to prioritise the education of these chil­dren, ensuring they receive the same opportuni­ties as their peers.

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